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The 20th century has seen modernization and great strides made in the field of biology due to the development of molecular biology. Progress in genetic manipulation technology and in the decoding of the genome nucleotide sequence has allowed new genome-centered developments; such as personalized medicine and molecule agriculture. Further applications are expected to be developed in the future, including regenerative medicine and nano-diagnosis and treatment. These applications, the so-called post-genome science, combined with information science, are developing into the comprehensive life sciences.

In order to tackle and make full use of the rapid progress in life science, the fusion of several disciplines, such as biology, informatics and engineering, is necessary. Our graduate school aims to educate talented individuals with an interdisciplinary approach in these subjects. The Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences was established as an interdisciplinary educational body of systems and life sciences in 2003, to provide a comprehensive and modern education in life science.



Prof.Masahiro Okamoto, Dr. Agr.
Dean of Graduate School of Systems of Life Sciences

The Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences, established in April, 2003, is the first interdisciplinary Graduate School since Kyushu University implemented its unique Graduate School/Graduate Faculty System. Life science is now about to be transformed, due to many evolutionary events, such as the rapid accumulation of genome data and progress made in measurement and imaging techniques. The seamless collaboration between biology, informatics and engineering is required to further pursue life science in the coming decades. Based on this understanding, the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences at Kyushu University is organized so as to establish a globally competitive education/research core through the faculties of several disciplines; such as informatics, engineering, agriculture, biology and medicine. Our faculty members are from six Faculties and one Research Institute. The Graduate School contains only one department to focus on enhancing interdisciplinary activities. It provides a five-year Doctor's course to nurture global leaders of research and education in Life Science, and top-line professionals with interdisciplinary expertise, equipped with the so-called double-major in biology and informatics, or biology and engineering. It also provides a Master's degree to students at the end of the first two-years of the course if requested.

By 2008, all staff at the Department of Biological Science of the Graduate School of Science had been reorganized and combined into the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences to expand the education field to include immunology, neuroscience, molecular evolution and ecology. The reorganization added a new division, Biological Sciences, to the preexisting four divisions that included Bioinformatics, Life Engineering and Medical Molecular Cell Biology. This provides an up-to-date education core that covers the entire biological field from molecules, genes, cells, individuals, populations, to the environment.

In 2009, a renovated building in the Maidashi Campus was chosen to host our Graduate School, in anticipation of the new-stage of education in biological functions and medical engineering that has resulted from closer interaction with the medical field. This situation will enhance our educational activity in tying up relation to the main Ito campus by the dual campus system. Our Graduate School is now establishing its status as a hub for all graduate schools involved in Life Science at Kyushu University, and as a global education/research core. We welcome you to the Graduate School of Systems Life Sciences and encourage you to challenge for future developments in this exciting field!

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